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The Audias use their own laminating process to create a door that is much stronger and more weather proof than the original wood, then they carve designs to the buyer's exact specifications. Audia admits his doors are expensive, but they are built to give beauty and protection for many generations.”


Courtesy of Glenn Haege


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Species Choices:  Mahogany,  Cherry,  Poplar,  Pine,  Birch



The "Miracle Door"

This door was originally designed in the early 1920's.  We are excited to introduce this newest door to you, as you will be amazed  when you see and touch this doors design and quality.  Custom made-designed by Audia, most creative in the Millwork business today!


Available in all types of species.  Prices are determined by quantity. 

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Introducing our Interior Doors!


Audia Custom Hand-Carved doors styles are recommended for the interior of your home where not exposed to sunlight.


For exterior doors, Mahogany  is recommended.


To preserve the life of these custom hand-carved doors;  provide protection against sunlight; therefore, it is recommended to install these doors at the North Entrance of your home.